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"Save Money" by Breeding Crickets At Home

chameleon care guideCrickets are one of the most common feeds used for chameleons and are available easily at pet stores. They can also be obtained from a number of commercial breeders. Most chameleon owners are concerned about their pet’s health and often find it difficult to decide the right food options.

The common house crickets are a staple diet for most chameleon, reptiles and amphibians and can be fed easily. Not only are they reasonably nutritious but you can keep a large number of these insects in store at your home. If you have a single pet then it is a good option to buy crickets from a local pet store or a breeder but if you house multiple pets such as chameleons and bearded dragons which have a significantly large appetite, you can breed crickets at home to save money.

Breeding crickets at home depends on your needs and interest. If you feel your bills are rising higher ever month after buying crickets in retail, you can start a cricket colony at your own home. Before you finally decide to breed crickets at your place, you must keep a few things in mind.

Crickets are noisy creatures and can disturb your sound night sleep. They make a lot of noise and if this annoys you, you must find a suitable place to house them before you start the breeding process. You can place the containers in your garage if you don’t like crickets threatening your relaxation.

Whatever your decision is, you should make sure the environment in the area is favorable for culture. Crickets generally have a lifespan of eight weeks and you would want to have a large number of them fairly quickly to feed them to your pet. Inadequate conditions may hinder their growth which can waste your effort and time. Crickets may also start dying which will add to your troubles.

These tiny creatures may also smell to a certain extent which can be difficult to bear. Two of the most obvious reasons for this pungent smell are decay of dead crickets and presence of extra moisture or dampness in the containers. You should take good care of these insects and maintain breeding containers in fine condition to avoid sharp odors. Healthy crickets will mean a healthier diet for your pets and the good news is you can achieve this in a fairly easy way.

Chirpy crickets can escape anywhere anytime, so don’t be shocked if you find a few flying around your living room or chased by your dog. The problem of escape is simply unavoidable. No matter how hard you try you will still find your breeds hovering around your home. To avoid the situation getting out of hand, you can place a suitable device in the breeding area which will capture crickets and prevent their escape.

chameleon care guide

You can find useful resources for breeding crickets in the book How To Breed Crickets At Home. You will get to know some basic techniques to breed crickets successfully and save a hefty sum of money draining out of your pocket every week when you sit and plan a healthy diet for your pet.



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