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Thinking of Owning a Pet Chameleon? Here are Some Important Considerations.

chameleon care guideThe chameleon is one of the most fantastically-bizarre of all lizards, which definitely explains their popularity in private collections. Their very nature has led to a lot of pet fanatics wanting to add chameleons to their collection.

While that is not necessarily a bad thing, many of these people underestimate the work that goes into owning a pet chameleon. They are often very difficult captives that require constant care. I've put together a list of the most important considerations that pet owners should plan before they make the final decision to care for one of these fantastically-bizarre lizards.

However, before you commit to owning a pet chameleon, there are a few things you need to keep in mind – for example: are you home enough? Chameleons require careful observation (as you're going to learn) but you must also be there to turn their light on/off and to mist them. I have heard of chameleon owners setting up these systems and then leave for a whole weekend. What would happen if a timer malfunctions? If you really want to own a chameleon, then you must be prepared for the responsibility.

Moreover, unlike traditional pets (think cats and dogs), chameleons aren't too fond of handling, so if you are getting a pet for this purpose, these reptiles may not be the ideal candidates. Handling your chameleon will make it stressed, and this will negatively impact their health.

Furthermore, you will need to educate yourself on their needs – including how to give them proper food and water, and how to set up a suitable habitat for them. Doing so will ensure you do not unintentionally kill your chameleon, and will keep them happy and healthy.

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